Osprey Network

Osprey: Network Visualization System

Osprey is a software platform for the visualization of complex biological interaction networks. Osprey builds data-rich graphical representations from Gene Ontology (GO) annotated interaction data maintained by the BioGRID.

Osprey is developed by the TyersLab and is a part of the BioGRID family of software. It utilizes both MySQL and Java to operate and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Apple operating systems.

These works were published in Breitkreutz, BJ., Stark, C., Tyers M. "Osprey: A Network Visualization System." Genome Biology 2003 4(3):R22 [Genome Biology] [PDF] [PubMed] and supported by the National Institutes of Health, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and Genome Canada.

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The standalone Osprey Network Visualization System desktop application is no longer in active development and will recieve no additional improvements. It has been replaced with an embedded viewer available directly via the BioGRID (example, example, example) [powered by CytoscapeJS]. As such, the desktop versions listed below may not be compatible with modern operating system releases.

We highly recommend that users looking for a desktop network visualization application switch to Cytoscape Desktop, which is an open source platform for visualization of complex networks. Cytoscape is in constant development with new features being released regularly and a large community of active plugin developers.

Downloads (Zip Archive, No Installer Required)

For users who still want to use Osprey, we recommend using one of the following archives. These downloads contain the Osprey application WITHOUT an installer. These versions are likely to work better than the Legacy downloads listed below. Simply install the Java Runtime Environment on your computer and extract one of the copies of Osprey you download below from the containing zip file. Then, you simply need to execute the osprey.jar file contained within the zip file, on your computer and it should launch via the Java Runtime Environment you setup previously. These versions should be compatible with most operating systems, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this will work, due to the legacy nature of this project.

Osprey Network Visualization System

Legacy Downloads (Uses Deprecated Installer)

Click to download the version that best fits your operating system specifications.

Warning: These versions utilize an installer that is no longer compatible with many modern operating systems. Installation may not complete successfully.

Osprey Network Visualization System v. 1.2.0

Osprey Network Visualization System v. 1.0.1

Due to some problems with operating system changes, users may have more success using an older release of Osprey

Osprey Documentation

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Osprey User Manual

Osprey Legacy Install Procedure ( Windows )

Osprey Legacy Install Procedure ( Linux )

Osprey Legacy Install Procedure ( Apple OS X )

Osprey Tutorials

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Adding Genes Tutorial

Adding Interactions Tutorial

Changing Databases Tutorial