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E. Purchasing Osprey Licenses for Commercial Organizations

This appendix outlines the basic procedure for purchasing Osprey Licenses for Commercial Organizations. You are required to purchase an Osprey license if:

If you fall into any of the above categories, please follow the following steps for purchasing Osprey

E.1 Commercial Applications

In order to purchase a license, you must first visit the Osprey commercial licenses webpage (http://biodata.mshri.on.ca/osprey/servlet/CommercialRegistration). From this page (see figure E.1 - 1) you can fill out our simple form to contact us about your interest in licensing Osprey.

Figure E.1 - 1: The Osprey commercial application webpage, your first stop for inquiring about Osprey licensing opportunities.

Simply fill in all the fields, and click register...If you have filled in successfully, an email will be sent to the Osprey team informing us of your interest. We will then contact you within 48 hours to proceed with the Osprey licensing procedure.

Figure E.2 - 2: Upon successful registration, an email is sent to the Osprey team informing us of your interest.

If you encounter any problems with registering a commercial licensing inquiry, please contact the Osprey team (ospreyadmin@mshri.on.ca) to manually initiate the licensing procedure.

The Osprey Administrator
E-mail: ospreyadmin@mshri.on.ca

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